Shopping with childThis is the final post in my series providing tips for Las Vegas parents who enjoy weekend visitation with their children. I began this series because for many families, particularly immediately following a divorce, it can be difficult for “weekend parents” to create a smooth and comfortable environment for their children. Parents often disagree on a number of things such as which activities are appropriate, household rules, and how flexible the weekend schedule can be. These disagreements often land parents with joint custody back in the Clark County Family Court. Going back to Court then creates a stressful situation for both the children and the adults. It is my hope that this series provided families with some loose guidelines to help keep the peace.

Throughout this series I have discussed a number of topics including:

When two people share a child their relationship is never truly over. Remaining cordial with an ex can seem like an impossible task following a divorce or breakup. However, effective communication is important when it comes to making sure your children’s lives run as smoothly as possible. Parents who follow certain guidelines will not only help the family stay out of Court, but will help protect the children from the negative impact of having two parents on different pages. While consulting with a family law attorney is always an option, and sometimes necessary, it is always encouraged that people resolve their differences privately.

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