Signing documentThis is the next post in my series discussing mundane but important tasks which a newly single person must remember to accomplish following a Las Vegas divorce. My last post provided a series of topics I will be addressing over my next several articles. In this post I will be reminding Clark County residents of the various entities which should be informed when a person makes the change from married to single.

The divorce process can be a long and stressful ordeal. Once the dust has settled many persons feel drained and may be tempted to take a break before tackling the list of persons who must be notified of the divorce. For one who is still feeling emotional over the divorce it can even be difficult to notify various agencies of their new status as it can make one feel as though the marriage is officially “over.” However, it is very important to notify various agencies promptly once the divorce is finalized. Tasks that must be accomplished following the divorce include:

  • Updating insurance policies, including dependents
  • Taking the other person off of the deed to the house if one retained property during the divorce
  • Updating the beneficiary in one’s life insurance policies and will
  • Updating the person responsible for making medical decisions if one has an advance health care directive
  • Updating your in case of emergency person at work and in any other appropriate area

Dealing with the unpleasant task of notifying all of the above persons sooner rather than later is important for a number of reasons. First, if one does not sit down and handle these tasks immediately then it is easy for them to never get done. Second, if an emergency occurs and one of these tasks are not accomplished then your ex is likely the one who will receive the emergency call. Following a Las Vegas divorce most persons would not wish their ex spouse to make their medical decisions, receive an inheritance from their estate, or have any right to their property. Ensuring that one’s current information and wishes is up to date can put one’s mind at ease knowing that their ex-spouse will not be privy to personal occurrences unless that is one’s wish.

If you are unclear about who should be notified following a divorce then a family law attorney can help you determine who must be contacted. Contact our office today for a consultation.