Couple talking to mediatorThis is my second post on “What to know about the Mediation Process.” I’ve previously given an overview of family law mediation  in which I discussed the reason it may be beneficial to you. Today I will be discussing who mediation is for and how it may be beneficial to avoid the hassles and headaches of going through a trial.

Who is Nevada divorce mediation for?

If you are about to file for Nevada divorce and your relationship with the other party has not completely deteriorated, you may want to consider mediation.  Divorce mediation requires that you still be able to converse with your spouse and that you be able to understand that each side is going to need to make compromises. Your spouse must also have the same mindset if mediation is to be effective.

Benefits of mediation vs. a Nevada contested divorce

Mediation can save you from years of litigation, the back and forth of motions, months of discovery, not to mention the emotional toll the process of divorce takes on a person. The process of divorce and constant fighting back and forth between parents can cause your children severe distress. It might be much easier on them to resolve your issues as amicably as possible. As I have already mentioned, a Nevada divorce can be dragged out for years. Mediation will save you time, money and peace of mind.

Emotions run high when couples split up, especially when children are involved.  Retaining an attorney to assist you in the process of mediation will help alleviate emotional distress between you and the other party. If you are considering mediation, contact my office to schedule mediation today.