Unhappy coupleThis is my third post in the series “What to know about the Mediation Process.”  I’ve previously discussed the type of couple for whom Nevada divorce mediation is appropriate. In this article I am going to discuss who mediation is not necessarily for.

Nevada divorce mediation may not be for you if you are unwilling to compromise

There are times when the issues between you and the other party have become so contentious that you may feel there is no way that you can work things out.  Mediation often requires compromise on both sides and the process must be approached with an understanding that you may not get everything you want from the process. Someone who is letting pure emotion guide them through their Nevada divorce will typically be unwilling to “work it out” and may not do well in mediation.

Benefits of moving past emotion and considering Nevada divorce mediation

All of the above reasons aside, it is still more beneficial to consider mediation as an option.  Getting caught up in fighting over things that have little consequence can be costly and exhausting.  If children are involved, mediation can save them a lot of heartache.  Although you may believe it is not possible to come to some sort of agreement with the other party involved, with the help of an objective third party it can be done.  I am well versed in the art of Nevada divorce mediation and have helped many people who did not think reaching an agreement was possible. If you are willing to open your mind up to the possibility of mediation please contact me today to schedule an appointment.