Scared child aloneThis is the first post in a series I am writing to discuss what a parent should know if someone has raised concern with Child Protective Services (CPS) against them. I am writing this series because many good Las Vegas parents will experience some type of contact with CPS in their lifetime. Many professionals such as physicians, counselors, and teachers are mandatory reporters and are obligated to call CPS if they notice any type of behavior or situation that could potentially be a warning sign. This may include a student who is frequently ill, a child who is often bruised, or a child that is experiencing emotional trauma. It is also not unusual for CPS to be contacted by neighbors or observers viewing an event out of context, family members who disagree with a parenting style, or an angry ex partner.

This series is meant to provide parents with a comprehensive guide to what happens when Child Protective Services is called, what to expect, and how to work with CPS should they open a formal case. Over my next several posts I will explain:

  • What occurs when a report is made to Child Protective Services
  • What will happen if a caseworker is sent to a home to investigate a report
  • The importance of following recommendations made by a caseworker
  • How an attorney can protect your custodial rights during a Child Protective Services Case
  • Why a non-custodial parent may wish to have an attorney represent them if the custodial parent is losing custody of the children

When Child Protective Services is called it understandably brings up feelings of anger, defensiveness, and fear. No parent wishes for their parenting methods to be questioned, nor does any parent wish to be threatened with the possibility of losing their children. In cases such as this it is important to remain calm and be cooperative. The goal of Child Protective Services is to ensure that your child is safe and the ultimate goal is always to keep families together. With that said it may be necessary to have an attorney represent your interests to ensure that your family does not fall through the cracks of the system.

If you have been contacted by Child Protective Services and are concerned about dealing with the agency without representation then contact my Las Vegas family law firm today for a consultation.