Mother holding sonThis is the last post in my series on handling a Temporary Protective Order in Las Vegas, Nevada. My last discussion dealt with how to respond when a TPO has been violated. In this post I will deal with something which many people in Clark County do not understand – how to proceed once a TPO has been granted. Ensuring that you conduct yourself appropriately can help in ensuring that the Order stays in place and can assist in getting it extended, if necessary.

It is important you avoid contact with the Adverse Party once the Clark County Family Court issues your Protective Order

Many southern Nevada residents do not understand that a TPO is only issued for a specific reason. If you have gained an Order for Protection it is because you have demonstrated to the Court that you are reasonably afraid for your safety. If you are afraid of someone, however, common sense dictates that you would not to have contact with them. Engaging in contact with the Opposing Party shows the Court that you are not actually afraid of the person.

If the Court finds that you are not afraid of the Opposing Party then the TPO will  likely be dissolved as it is unnecessary. This means that if the Opposing Party tries to contact you then you are not to respond at all. You should ignore their attempt at communication and, instead, report the violation to the police. Once a police report is filed then a request should be filed with the Court to hold the Opposing Party in contempt. They will be facing potential jail time and having to pay your attorney’s fees. If the violation of the TPO is severe enough then the Court may grant a request to hear the matter on what is called “shortened time.” This means you can have a hearing on an almost immediate basis.

One final step to take is to ensure that appropriate people are aware of the TPO. You may wish to give a copy of the Order to your employer so that they are aware that your ex is not to be near you. You should also give a copy to your child’s school and keep a copy with you at all times.

Again, if the Opposing Party attempts to contact you once a TPO has been filed you must not engage in contact with them. Instead, contact a Las Vegas lawyer immediately.

You should take appropriate steps to protect your family after a Las Vegas Court has granted your TPO

There are many situations where one would take further legal steps after gaining a TPO. If you have been involved in a child custody dispute then the circumstances may warrant changing your custodial arrangement so that the Opposing Party only has supervised visitation. If you are in such a situation then do not hesitate to contact a lawyer today.