woman lawyerThis is my fourth post in a series of articles in which I will discuss why an individual may want to hire an unbundled attorney, as well as the process of obtaining one. My last post discussed the benefits of retaining unbundled counsel. I discussed how counsel will know what points to present and how to present them to the Judge. In this post, I will detail what it may look like to retain counsel for a single court hearing. If you or someone you know requires assistance, contact my office to speak with a Las Vegas lawyer today.

Unbundled lawyers represent a Las Vegas parent from the beginning of a hearing through the signing of an order

In Nevada’s Eighth Judicial District, which includes Las Vegas, a lawyer hired for a single hearing is required to stay on as your attorney until the court Order is signed. That means that the attorney will attend the hearing with you, present your case to the Judge, and then remain your attorney for potentially days until the Judge signs a formal Order. This is helpful for many reasons. One, it is helpful because if the other side is required to write out the Order to submit to the Judge, counsel will review it to ensure that it is accurate to what the Judge said in Court. If the other side takes a long time to write the Order, your attorney can call and request that it be completed. Or, conversely, if you are required to write the Order, the attorney will write it, deliver it to the other side for review, and then submit it to the Judge to sign. So, regardless of which party is required to write the final order, having unbundled counsel helps to ensure that you receive an order which accurately reflects the outcome of the hearing. This is important to make sure that your rights are protected.

There are benefits of having legal representation during the time in between a court hearing and the signing of the formal Order. One of these benefits is that disputes can arise over the rights of each party under the Judge’s recent ruling. It is also possible that after the hearing but before the signing of the Order, the other party decides not to follow what the Judge said in Court. Maybe the Judge said that you have to split your time with the child 50/50, but the other parent does not honor that and refuses to give the child to you when it’s your time. Your attorney will be able to call the other side on your behalf and inform them that if they do not follow the order that further action will be taken. Such a phone call can go a long way towards ensuring that the judge’s orders are followed.

Las Vegas parents are at a disadvantage if they go to Family Court without representation

The rules of evidence and procedure are complex and must be followed during any Family Court hearing. A lawyer will know these rules and ensure that they are followed throughout the hearing. They will know when to object to evidence or testimony the other side is presenting, and know how to present your evidence to support your arguments. This is beneficial because they will keep the court focused on the issues at hand while hitting all of the points of your argument and defending against the other side’s claims. After the hearing, they will ensure that the Order is submitted in a timely manner and that it includes everything the Judge stated in Court. This is beneficial because it takes that responsibility off of your plate and ensures that it is done correctly and in accordance with the rules of procedure.

A benefit of hiring an unbundled Las Vegas attorney is that they know how the rules work and are experienced in litigation. It can only help to have a lawyer on your side in the courtroom while reducing overall legal costs, which is what an unbundled lawyer can provide. If you or a loved one is in need of assistance, contact my office today.