gavel with legal scalesThis is the next post in my series on the retaining of unbundled counsel in Las Vegas Family Court cases. My last article discussed the possibility of retaining an unbundled lawyer for the writing of a Motion. Typically, one will retain counsel for the subsequent hearing as well as the writing of the Motion itself. There are many benefits to this type of representation as it can help one to make the best possible argument to the Court. In this article I will discuss another common use of limited scope representation – retaining counsel to attend trial. If you have a divorce or child custody trial approaching, and are in need of assistance, then contact my office today to schedule a consultation.

It is common for those in family law cases to retain a lawyer for the sole purpose of handling a trial. It is important to understand the importance of representation for this stage of the case. The rules of evidence will be enforced by the Judge presiding over the trial. This means that one who is not familiar with the rules of evidence may very well not be able to get important facts and testimony admitted. When you retain an attorney, counsel will file the required pre-trial briefs and handle the trial itself. This includes the calling and questioning of witnesses, conducting cross-examination, making opening and closing statements, etc. In other words, your representative will help to ensure that your case is properly presented to the Court and that the Judge will be able to consider all of the evidence.

Consider the following example. Jill Parent has asked the Court to change child custody in her favor. She is alleging that the father has been ignoring the visitation schedule and has been demeaning her in front of the child. She has proof, in the form of text messages and emails, of the fact that he does not return the child on time and, in fact, sometimes does not return the child until several additional days have passed. Also, she has eyewitnesses who will testify as to how the father disparages her in front of the child. If she does not lay a proper foundation through testimony then she will not be able to introduce the text messages into evidence. Likewise, if a proper foundation is not laid when questioning the witnesses, they will not be able to testify in regard to the father’s conduct. The loss of this evidence would weigh against the mother. By retaining counsel, she can ensure that the trial is handled properly.

If you or a loved one have a trial approaching in the Clark County Family Court then it is important that you have legal representation. An unbundled attorney can represent you from the time of trial through the Judge’s signing of a final Order. I assist Las Vegas parents with such matters and am able to handle trials for a flat fee. I pride myself on providing quality service and I look forward to speaking with you. Contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation.