Unbundled Court Appearances

Many people cannot afford legal representation. Fortunately, you do not have to choose between your finances and being represented in Court. Las Vegas family law attorney Kari Molnar is able to perform one-time court appearances so that you can be represented at court without having to pay a large retainer. If you need an attorney for a single hearing in your Clark County Family Court case then contact us today.

Unbundled attorney for Las Vegas divorce hearings

Your divorce case will have a substantial impact on your life. Decisions will be made regarding things such as community property and spousal support. It is important that you be represented at Court. If you have been unable to retain an attorney due to a lack of funds then you still have options. Clark County’s Family Court allows for an attorney to appear in an “unbundled capacity” for one hearing. Kari has been practicing family law since 2005 and regularly performs one-time unbundled appearances on behalf of clients. Hiring Kari to appear with you at court ensures that your case will be properly presented to the Judge and gives you the benefit of her experience with the process. Contact our office online or at 702.966.8315 to schedule a consultation.

Obtain unbundled legal representation for your Las Vegas child custody matter

Nothing is more important than your child. The Court will determine child custody by deciding what is in the child’s best interests. Having an attorney can make all the difference in how your case is presented to the Judge. You should not go unrepresented in your child custody case due to a lack of funds. Hiring Kari in an unbundled capacity prevents you from having to pay a large retainer and allows you to have an experienced child custody lawyer presenting your side of the case to the Judge. Unbundled appearances can be for a single hearing or for a trial. Contact our office today.