Kari Molnar has represented numerous Las Vegas residents in divorce, child custody, and family law matters. By providing personal attention to her clients she has obtained results while helping people move through an important time in their lives. Below are samples of testimonials from a few of Kari’s clients.


Kari Molnar brought a tremendous amount of energy, confidence and knowledge to my child custody case. She kept me very well informed, patiently explaining options, strategy and likely outcomes. When it looked like my case might go to trial, I was confident, knowing I had an experienced trial lawyer in my corner. Kari and staff were very professional, but also genuinely concerned for me and my family. I was fortunate to find such a good person to help me through such difficult times and with excellent results.


Kari was there for me from day one and she never quit fighting for me and my children. She is smart, determined and tireless. Over 2 years of divorce proceedings I always knew she had the best interests of my children as her top priority. Kari exceeded my expectations, and was always there for me, through everything. I highly recommend her!


Ms. Molnar took my case when more people than not thought that we didn’t have a chance. She exceeded my expectations and those of my family and friends by far. Not only was I happy, but I was exhilarated with the outcome. Kari Molnar took me from a dark place in my life to bright rays of sunshine. There was never a time when I had a question that she didn’t return my calls or keep me informed as to what was going on I’m my case. One of her many outstanding abilities was that always after talking with her I was rejuvenated with confidences and that relieved my stress.


Ms. Molnar was my lawyer for my divorce in 2007. She was outstanding throughout this difficult time for me. She was respectful to my thoughts, encouraging throughout this very difficult time, she was very knowledgeable, she fought hard for my daughter and I and I was so lucky to have her there fighting for me. If I ever had a question or needed someone to talk to, I could always count on her. She puts her clients first and their needs at the top of her priority list. My divorce was quick to be dissolved and I received everything I asked for with Ms. Molnar representing me. I highly encourage anyone seeking a divorce to contact Ms. Molnar first if you want a great attorney to represent you. You will not be disappointed.