Parents holding small childThis is the final post in my series on handling step-parent adoptions in Las Vegas, Nevada. The legal process to adopt a child can be complex and will impact the rights and obligations of all of the parties involved. My goal in this series has been to provide information about some of the important legal issues to consider when deciding whether adoption is right for your family. Another goal has been to encourage parents to engage an experienced family law attorney to help navigate the process. Adoption can be a wonderful option for many families and my firm has represented many families during this exciting time. If you are considering a step-parent adoption, contact my office today to speak to a lawyer.

This series discussed several key topics, including:

Las Vegas families considering this important decision should understand how these issues may impact them. First, adoption will permanently alter the rights and obligations of the birth parents and the adoptive parent. A birth parent who terminates his parental rights will not have any legal rights or obligations with respect to the child after the adoption is complete. The adoptive parent will be considered the legal parent. This includes obligations to financially support the child in the future, including potentially paying child support if a later divorce should occur. Second, the legal adoption process will be different depending upon the terminating parent’s cooperation. If the parent consents, the case will proceed differently than if he opposes the termination. Understanding how this may impact the process will be essential for the families involved.

The decision to adopt a step-child is an important one. In all step-parent adoption cases, it is essential to understand how this may impact your family in the future. Consulting with an attorney with experience in family law can help you understand your options and the adoption process. If you need assistance, call my office today to speak with a Las Vegas family lawyer.