Couple in mediationThis is the first post I will be writing in the series “What to know about the Mediation Process.” I feel this series will be beneficial to people in southern Nevada as the contested divorce process can be both expensive and complicated. During my years of practice as a family law attorney, I have seen many of my clients become embroiled in contentious proceedings. I am writing a comprehensive series on the Nevada Mediation process so that people are aware that they may be able to avoid a costly and drawn out legal battle, and can make an informed decision as to whether Mediation is right for them.

Nevada divorce can be an expensive and time consuming process

As a family lawyer in Las Vegas, I often represent clients in divorce cases. In these cases, my clients may disagree with their spouse over child custody issues, spousal support, how to divide property, and child support. When a settlement between spouses is just not possible, enduring a trial may be the only way for a person to protect the rights and relationships that are important to them. However engaging in a legal war is never easy. I spend hours writing motions, analyzing evidence, speaking with other attorneys, attending hearings, and preparing for trial on my clients behalves. This can become very expensive. Legal proceedings can also drag on for years, encroaching on your time, and causing you stress as you wait for the outcome of your case. As a divorce attorney, it is important to me that my clients understand it is often in their best interest to avoid relying on the Courts to settle their divorce disputes whenever possible.  Mediation may be able offer clients a “last ditch effort” to come to an amicable settlement that allows both parties to save time and money.

Mediation may be a more efficient manner of resolving your Nevada divorce

In my next several posts, I will be discussing what Mediation is exactly and how it works in Nevada, what to expect from the process, how it can save you money, why it may be a better option for your children, and how it can reduce your level of stress during divorce proceedings. This information will give you an idea of if Mediation is the right choice for you and your family.

If you are going through a divorce proceeding, and would like an easier solution for resolving your case, then contact my office online and schedule your mediation today. Please be aware that an attorney-client relationship is not formed during mediation as I am a neutral party in the process.