Gavel with wedding ringsThis is the final post in a series discussing annulments of marriage in Las Vegas, Nevada. The goal of this series has been to explain the differences between annulments and divorces and to clarify when an annulment may be the appropriate course of action. Annulments can be beneficial in some situations, however, despite popular belief, annulments are only granted in limited circumstances. In the majority of cases, couples will not be eligible to seek an annulment and will be required to pursue a divorce instead. An experienced lawyer can review your specific situation and recommend the best approach for you. If you are considering terminating your marriage, contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas divorce attorney.

This series of articles focused on the following topics:

These points will impact any Las Vegas residents or couples married in Las Vegas who are seeking to end their marriage. First, the legal distinctions between a divorce vs. an annulment will significantly impact the spouses’ respective rights. Second, many people are unsure about how to proceed when one spouse cannot be located. Nevada law provides a mechanism for moving forward with a legal proceeding under these circumstances. It will be important to strictly follow the process. Consulting with an attorney can help you navigate the system. Third, not everyone will qualify to seek an annulment. Couples will be required to demonstrate to the court that one or more of the limited grounds exist to be eligible for this approach. Last, in some circumstances, a divorce may be in a party’s best interest rather than an annulment. Considerations such as the length of the marriage and the extent to which a couple has accumulated marital debts and assets will impact this decision. An experienced divorce lawyer can assist you in understanding how the choice may impact your rights.

Regardless of the history of your marriage, any decision to split up can be stressful. Understanding your options and your legal rights is an important first step in the process. My office represents clients in annulments and divorces and is dedicated to providing compassionate and thoughtful advice throughout each case. If you are considering terminating your marriage, contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas lawyer.