Family law book and gavelThis is the next post in a series of articles discussing child relocation requests when a parent is forced to move outside of Nevada to accept new employment. When economic changes, seasonal demands or other forces result in job loss, it may be necessary for Las Vegas residents to find other employment quickly. In some cases, this requires a parent to move out of state with very little notice. The previous post in this series discussed the process of requesting temporary permission to move a child out of state for the purpose of immediately starting a new job. This article will discuss the importance of preparing a detailed relocation plan to present to the court in support of this request. If you need assistance with a child custody or relocation question, contact my office to speak with a Las Vegas lawyer.

As previously discussed, the Clark County Family Court will carefully weigh the decision to grant a parent’s motion to relocate a child outside of Nevada. Even when the reason for the move is for urgent reemployment, the court will want to see as much information as possible showing how the move will benefit the child. Prior to making such a request, therefore, it is imperative to prepare a detailed relocation plan to present to the court with your motion. To the extent possible, the requesting parent should be prepared to present information about the new job, living arrangements, school systems, and any other circumstances justifying the motion. In addition, it is important to outline a proposed, realistic, visitation schedule with the other parent that will ensure they have adequate means of maintaining a relationship with the child.

For example, during an economic downturn, suppose a Las Vegas mother is laid off from her casino job. Other casinos are also laying off workers and there are very few job opportunities available. She receives a job offer in California, but she must accept the job and start within two weeks. At her preliminary hearing, she should be prepared to share information about her new employment and her reasons for accepting it. She may wish to include details about how the new opportunity represents a stable income or wage increase if applicable. Her plan should also identify as many specifics as possible in light of the shortened planning period, such as location, timing of the move, possible (or concrete) living arrangements, child care and school system information. The plan should also include details about visitation or maintaining contact with the other parent. For obvious reasons, the more detailed the plan, the higher likelihood of approval, even if not every aspect of the relocation is finalized.

When the financial stability of your family is at stake, accepting employment out of state and on short notice may be your best option. If you are faced with this issue and need to relocate with a child outside of Nevada, my office can react quickly to help you navigate this process. Contact my office to speak with a Las Vegas child custody attorney today.