This is the first post in what will be a discussion on relocating your children outside of Nevada. Las Vegas is a very transient city and, as a result, people often wish to move outside of Nevada with children. Nevada law does not allow a parent to simply leave. Over my next several articles I will address a variety of topics which impact parents wishing to move away from our state with their kids.

Nevada law is very strict when it comes to moving children out of state. NRS 125C.200 requires one to obtain the written consent of the other parent or a court order before moving with a child. Violation of this statute may result in criminal abduction charges as well as the Clark County Family Court changing child custody. I address these issues in the following video:

If you wish to move your child outside of Nevada then it is important that you contact an attorney immediately.

I will be discussing several aspects of Las Vegas child move-away cases over the next several posts. Topics I will delve into include:

  • The steps a parent should take before meeting with a family law lawyer
  • Filing the relocation request and attending the initial hearing
  • Conducting discovery for a move-away case
  • Attending the evidentiary hearing
  • Life after the relocation

It is very important that you begin the process if you feel you may need to move away from Las Vegas at some point in the future. Parents often make the mistake of waiting until just before the move to initiate the court process. The problem with this is that the process takes time and, on top of other issues, the Court may frown on the fact that you waited until the last minute.

In addition to beginning the process immediately, it is strongly advised that you hire an attorney to assist you. The benefits of having an attorney are hard to overstate. I discuss them in this video:

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