Woman signing documentThis is the next post in my series addressing various tasks a newly divorced person must tend to once single. My last post explained why it is important to notify entities such as your life insurance agency and work of your newly divorced status. In this post I will explain how a woman can reclaim her maiden name following a divorce.

The easiest way for one to reclaim their maiden name is to ask their divorce attorney for assistance at the beginning of the process. Your Complaint or Joint Petition (if you are filing an uncontested divorce) can state that one’s maiden name will be restored upon completion of the case. When the divorce is finalized then a Decree of Divorce will be filed and will state that the wife’s maiden name has been returned to her. However, if you did not request a name change at the beginning of your divorce then reclaiming your maiden name afterwards is still a fairly painless process. You may file a Petition with the Court requesting a name change. You may again ask your attorney to take care of this process for you or you can fill out the appropriate documentation yourself.

Once you have gotten approval to change your name you must systematically notify appropriate agencies. First, one must contact the Social Security Administration and have a new social security card reissued. You will need proof of citizenship, proof of a driver’s license, and either the Court Order approving your name change or your divorce decree. Once the SSA has sent you a new card then you may change your driver’s license and vehicle registration. If a woman plans to change her name then it is imperative that these agencies be notified. It is also important to change your name on your credit cards, insurance, to inform your creditors of the change, the IRS, the postal service, and to update your passport. Remember, for the purpose of travel, the name you book any travel under must match your identification cards. Failure to update all of one’s information promptly following a name change can lead to a headache later on.

If you are a woman and would like to reclaim your maiden name following a divorce then a Las Vegas family law attorney can easily assist you with the task. Contact our office today for a consultation.