Family holding money in jarThis is the last post in my series discussing how an economic downturn can potentially impact child custody proceedings in Las Vegas, Nevada. A recession can influence the types of jobs available to a parent, relocation, income levels, and even work schedules. It is important, therefore, for parents to understand that each of these items may affect their custody and support cases. It has been my goal in this series explain how the changes a family may face in a recession environment may result in modifications to existing court orders. It has also been my goal to help families facing these dilemmas chose an experienced attorney. If you are in need of assistance, contact my office today to speak to a lawyer.

In this series we have analyzed several important issues, including:

I felt is was necessary to discuss these important topics for several reasons. First, job opportunities can become scarce in a recession. This can lead to the need for a parent to relocate for employment purposes and to seek a modification of a custody order as a result. Second, because child support is based upon income, a change in wages can directly impact a parent’s ability to meet the support obligation. Third, if your work schedule changes, your availability to care for your child may also change. It may become necessary to revise your custody or visitation arrangement to accommodate the new schedule. Last, in a restricted job market, a parent may not be able to keep or find a job at the same level as their prior employment. Understanding how to dispute a claim of underemployment can be an important factor in modifying a support order.

Each child custody situation is different. A recession can create unique challenges for families, including legal issues. I cannot stress enough the importance of involving an knowledgeable domestic relations attorney to help navigate the process. I have experience in handling these matters and am dedicated to helping my clients. My firm is ready to assist you. Contact us today to speak with a Las Vegas lawyer.