mediation written on paperThis is the next post in a series of articles discussing private mediation as an option for settling child custody disputes. I have previously written a series describing the mediation process in the context of contested divorces. Traditional litigation in divorce cases can be expensive, time consuming, and extremely stressful. The same can be said for contentious child custody battles. A drawn out legal proceeding can not only be difficult for parents, but can also be heartbreaking for the impacted children. Whether or not a custody battle is part of a larger divorce settlement or a stand-alone issue, private mediation may be a beneficial option for your family. Contact my office today to speak to a trained mediation attorney.

Mediation is the process in which both parties to a legal dispute communicate and negotiate through a mediator in order to resolve the disagreement. The process can be used to decide issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and child visitation. A private mediation should be distinguished from the Clark County Family Court’s custody mediation program, which limits the scope of mediation to visitation rights. It can be problematic to mediate visitation issues without also discussing financial responsibilities related to child support or spousal support. Doing so in a vacuum can lead to unintended consequences. Private mediation, on the other hand, allows parents to address all of the relevant issues at once, with the help of a trained legal professional on hand.

There are situations, of course, where the parents are unwilling or unable to settle their issues outside of the traditional legal process. In those cases, parental rights will be determined by a judge. Mediation, however, gives parents the opportunity to take control of their own outcome through compromise. A mediator is trained to approach any given situation in a calm and rational manner. The mediator is impartial and can help the parties hammer out issues that the parties were unable to work out on their own due to their emotional reactions to one another. A skilled mediator may suggest resolutions that the parents did not consider and help design an agreeable custody arrangement. While mediation may not be the right option for everyone, given the potential benefits over litigation, the process should be a consideration for any family facing a custody dispute.

I represent Las Vegas clients in divorce and custody litigation and understand, firsthand, how legal fees and delays frustrate the parties involved. For many, this can be avoided by engaging a private mediator to negotiate a settlement. If you wish to mediate a custody matter, contact my office to speak to a lawyer.