Divorce DecreeThis is the final post in my series dedicated to helping new Las Vegas singles think about issues which must be addressed once their divorce is finally finished. Throughout this series I have touched on subjects that routinely come up for individuals who have been married for a significant amount of time and must now readjust to handling the stresses of daily life completely independently.

Throughout this series I have attempted to make a comprehensive list of subjects that apply to both men and women. Topics I discussed in detail include:

The most important take-away from this series is to recognize that ending a marriage is not as simple as signing documents and going separate ways. When two people are married, and their lives are intertwined, there is a certain amount of tedious work that is required to truly cut the cord. Throughout this series I have attempted to provide a comprehensive list of issues that many often forget to address until an emergency or new issue arises. Some individuals may feel overwhelmed by taking on financial or other responsibilities that they have never managed or had to deal with. While addressing these issues can feel overwhelming, handling them immediately will save stress, anxiety, and unforeseen surprises later down the road.