Unhappy coupleThis is the first post in a new series in which I will be discussing tasks and issues that newly divorced individuals must consider once their marriage is dissolved. I am writing this series because individuals often get so wrapped up in the drama of their divorce that they completely forget more mundane issues which must be taken care of. During this series I will discuss a number of tasks that newly single persons must complete in order to avoid problems in the future.

Issues that I will be discussing in this series include:

  • When insurance policies and beneficiaries need to be updated
  • How to go about reclaiming one’s maiden name
  • How to adjust to a new financial budget
  • When it is time to close and open new bank accounts and credit cards
  • The importance of taking an inventory of “tasks” your ex-spouse took care of and making a plan of how you will now handle them

The Las Vegas divorce process generally brings a number of feelings such as sadness, anger, hope for the future, anxiety, and uncertainty. Many couples get caught up in the immediate drama of property distribution, child support issues, and child custody. Once the dust settles many individuals are unprepared for their “new normal” and will have given little thought to the smaller issues which have now changed or must be accomplished. My goal is that the next several posts will help prepare clients better for what is to come once they have made it through the divorce process.

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