Woman lawyer in courtroomThis is the second post in the series of articles in which I will discuss why an individual might want to hire an unbundled attorney, as well as the process of obtaining one. My last post provided an overview of what topics will be covered in this series. It is important to understand the concept of unbundled representation so you are prepared to tell the lawyer exactly what you need from them. If you have any questions or require assistance, contact my office today to schedule a consultation.

Las Vegas parents can hire an unbundled lawyer for a specific and limited task

An unbundled lawyer is an attorney that is hired for a specific and limited task. The Clark County Family Court system allows the hiring of  counsel to make a one-time appearance, write a single motion, etc, without retaining them for the entire case. For example, if a Las Vegas parent has already written and submitted a motion but is unsure how to present their arguments in court, they may hire the lawyer to present it on their behalf. The attorney will appear in court, argue the matter before the Judge, and ensure that the Court’s order accurately reflects what happened at the hearing.

Although typically hired for court appearances, an individual may also hire unbundled counsel to provide legal writing services. This means counsel would draft the legal document, and the individual would present the document, and their case, to the court on their own. This would make sense for a client who does not have any problems with public speaking, but does not feel confident in their ability to write a legal document. They may choose to have an attorney write their motion, and then present it to the court on their own. Typically, however, someone would retain the attorney for the limited purpose of writing a Motion and presenting it in Court.

Unbundled representation helps Nevada parents to reduce overall legal costs

Unbundled representation benefits individuals who are unable to afford a large retainer for legal services but need to take on their own case management. Typically, an unbundled attorney will charge a flat rate for each service, thus making representation more affordable. But, because the attorney is hired for this one service, the individual must be responsible for the paperwork and deadlines not related to the representation. Unbundled counsel is usually hired for arguing a case before the Judge, leaving the individual responsible for the documents, motions, and paperwork.

The benefit of hiring an unbundled attorney for a court appearance is that they are experienced in the area you need help with. Lawyers are versed in the law and know how a case should be presented to the Court. It can only help a case to be presented properly by a professional. That may mean the client knows their case in and out, but might not know how to present it in front of the Judge. Or, they may be comfortable speaking in front of the courtroom, but do not know the first thing about writing a motion. Either way, if you find yourself stuck and needing help with an aspect of your case, you may hire counsel to help you with that one specific task. This is a way for one to gain the representation they need while reducing their overall legal costs.

If you or a loved one are in need of assistance then contact my office today to speak with a Las Vegas lawyer regarding unbundled representation.