Judge on the benchThis is my third post in my “How to Handle Parental Abduction” series. My second post discussed who may be able to file for child return orders and the criteria that one needs to meet in order to do so. In this post I am going to focus on the process of obtaining a Nevada Pick-up Order when a parent has abducted your child.

Clark County Family Court Judges will issue a pickup order quickly after you file a Motion for Return of the Child

The first step in the process is to file a Motion for Return of the Child. Your attorney can request that this Motion be heard on “shortened time.” In a child abduction case the Court will likely hear the Motion within a few days after it is filed. Once the Judge approves a quicker hearing date, the notice of the date will need to be personally served on the Opposing Party. Each parent will then attend the hearing and the Judge will make an Order on whether or not the child is to be returned.

Las Vegas residents who have been the victims of child abduction must wait for the pickup order to be signed

It is common for parents to go to the other parent’s house and demand the return once a motion is filed. Even when trying to do the right thing, it is easy to do the wrong thing. Not having a full understanding of the legal system can cause you a lot of problems. Make sure you consult with your attorney before proceeding after filing a motion.

A motion is simply a request; the parties must wait for the Judge to sign the Order to proceed with the process. Once the Order is signed, contact the local Sherriff’s department and have them meet you down the street from the address that you believe your child is residing and they will assist you in serving the pick-up order and the return of your child.

Child abduction is probably the most frightening experience a parent can imagine. It does not lessen the fear, simply because it is another parent abducting the child. Thankfully there is a legal process in place to help you obtain the return of your child. If your child has been abducted by the other parent, please contact my office immediately so we may assist you in the return of your child.