Nevada Name Change Lawyer

There are many reasons why someone may require a name change. You may have gone by something other than your given name since you were a child. Also, it is not uncommon for a woman to retain her married name after a divorce and later decide to return to her maiden name. If you require a name change, for these or any other reason, then contact Las Vegas family law attorney Kari Molnar.

The process of a name change is relatively straight forward. The process begins by filing a Petition for a Name Change. Once the petition is filed you must engage in a publication period that must be satisfied. At the end of the publication period there will be a brief hearing called a “prove up.” This hearing is rather routine and the Judge will typically sign your Name Change Order at the hearing. At that point it is imperative that you file notice of the name change with the necessary government agencies, such as the Social Security Administration.

Kari Molnar has handled numerous name changes and can handle yours efficiently. While the process of a name change is straightforward, if you make a mistake with the process then you may have to start over and this would reset the publication period which would result in your name change taking substantial time. Hiring an experienced lawyer to handle the process will ensure that it goes smoothly and is handled quickly. Contact our office today.