Couple in mediationThis is my final post on “What to Know About The Mediation Process” series. This post expands on my previous discussions and expands on some points that were made.

We covered a number of topics, these topics included simplifying your Nevada divorce through mediationunderstanding who should attend Nevada divorce mediation, and who mediation is not for. I’d like to wrap up this series by expanding on some of these points.

Understanding how mediation impacts Nevada’s divorce process

Mediation is the process in which both parties come together and decide such issues as: child custody, child support, spousal support and child visitation. Although mediation may not be ideal in every situation it is definitely worth considering. Often times when a Nevada divorce case seems particularly volatile, one may believe that it is not possible to come to an agreement on any issues regarding the children. This is where a divorce mediator can help.

A mediator is trained to approach any given situation in a calm and rational manner.  The mediator is impartial and can help the parties hammer out issues that the parties were unable to work out on their own due to their emotional reactions to one another.

Understand which Nevada divorce cases are and are not appropriate for mediation

If you are about to file for Nevada divorce and your relationship with the other party has not completely deteriorated, you may want to consider mediation Divorce mediation requires that you still be able to converse with your spouse and that you be able to understand that each side is going to need to make compromises. Your spouse must also have the same mindset if mediation is to be effective.

Mediation can save you from years of litigation, the back and forth of motions, months of discovery, not to mention the emotional toll the process of divorce takes on a person. The process of divorce and constant fighting back and forth between parents can cause your children severe distress. It might be much easier on them to resolve your issues as amicably as possible. As I have already mentioned, a Nevada divorce can be dragged out for years. Mediation will save you time, money and peace of mind.

There are times when the issues between you and the other party have become so contentious that you may feel there is no way that you can work things out. A mutual resolution often requires compromise on both sides and the process and must be approached with an understanding that you may not get everything you want. Someone who is letting pure emotion guide them through their divorce will typically be unwilling to “work it out” and may not do well in mediation.

All of the above reasons aside, it is still more beneficial to consider mediation as an option. Getting caught up in fighting over things that have little consequence can be costly and exhausting. If children are involved, mediation can save them a lot of heartache. Although you may believe it is not possible to come to some sort of agreement with the other party involved, with the help of an objective third party it can be done. I am well versed in the art of Nevada divorce mediation and have helped many people who did not think reaching an agreement was possible.