spreadsheetThis is the final post in my series discussing how Nevada community property laws can impact a Las Vegas divorce. I wrote this series because many residents who live in the Las Vegas area have relocated from another state that may have vastly different laws when it comes to community property distribution. As Nevada is a no fault divorce state which divides all community property equally, many persons going through a divorce have questions about what will happen to their assets during divorce.

Throughout this series, I have touched on specific topics that clients are often most concerned with. During this series, I have discussed:

In many other states, the person who is “responsible” for the end of a marriage often has to provide compensation to the “wronged” party. This is not so in Nevada; our state laws do not assign blame, nor do our laws consider if one party is responsible for the end of the relationship. Our state takes an objective stance on dividing property and believes that as two spouses were considered 50-50 partners in their marriage, all property is divided equally during a dissolution. This can be difficult for those who were married in a state with different laws to understand. For couples who have property and homes in multiple states then it may be important to think carefully as to what state a spouse wishes to file for divorce in. Issues can arise as to which state is proper to file in as there may be jurisdictional disputes over property.

If you are a Nevada resident and are getting a divorce then you likely have questions regarding property distribution. Contact our Las Vegas family law attorney today for a consultation.