Las Vegas Uncontested Divorce Attorney

People are often able to end their marriage on amicable terms. These people can save substantial time and money through the uncontested divorce process. If you are in complete agreement on all issues then your case can likely be completed within a few weeks. Kari Molnar is a Las Vegas divorce and family law attorney who is able to handle basic uncontested divorces for a flat fee, plus court costs, depending on your circumstances.

Quick Las Vegas Divorce

Uncontested divorces allow for Las Vegas residents to complete the process quickly. To file for an uncontested divorce the Parties must be in complete agreement on all issues. If there is any disagreement then they will have to file for a contested divorce instead. Once Kari has been provided with the agreed upon terms then she will file a Joint Petition for Divorce with the Court. The Court will typically sign the final Decree of Divorce, and complete your case, within 1-2 weeks of the Joint Petition being filed. Typically the Parties will not have to attend any court hearings to complete the process. If you have children then the Court will require both parents to attend a one time parenting class before the final Decree may be filed.

As long as you are in agreement then you can resolve all the issues through an uncontested divorce that are typically resolved in contested matters. These include:

In a contested divorce each side would have to hire separate attorneys. They would then spend substantial money and time going through the process on all of these issues. The uncontested process allows Las Vegas residents to resolve all of these issues without making numerous court appearances and paying substantial legal fees.

Affordable Uncontested Divorces for Las Vegas residents

Contact attorney Kari Molnar and the Molnar Family Law Firm today to complete your uncontested divorce. People often attempt to file the required forms themselves and this often results in later problems. While you can complete the uncontested divorce forms yourself, if a provision is incomplete or if you fail to include certain information then you may have later problems which require you to go back to Court. Often this process of going back to Court ends up costing more than it would have to have hired an attorney in the first place. Kari is able to handle most uncontested divorces for a flat fee, plus court costs, depending on your circumstances. Contact us today at 702.966.8315.