Las Vegas TPO Attorney

The Court will deal with temporary protective orders quickly. This is a process courts take very seriously as they directly involve one person’s safety and the other person’s liberty. Whether you are attempting to gain a protective order or fighting against having one issued against you, it is important that you hire an attorney who understands the process. This is not a time to represent yourself.

Las Vegas TPO attorney

A TPO can be issued if there is a legitimate threat of harm to a person. The process starts by someone filing an application for a protective order. The Court will often grant a thirty day protective order and hold a hearing, within days, to determine if the TPO should be dissolved or if it should be extended beyond the initial 30 days. In determining whether the TPO should be issued, and later extended, the Court will consider whether there is a legitimate threat of harm and will objectively consider all evidence in making that determination.

Kari Molnar has handled numerous TPO matters in Clark County. If you are afraid for your safety then you should contact Kari immediately. Her experience with the process allows her to understand what type of evidence the Court will be looking for in the initial application for a protective order. Kari is also well aware of the types of evidence and behaviors the Court will be analyzing when deciding whether the TPO should be maintained and/or extended. Your safety is not something you should trust to an inexperienced lawyer. Contact our Las Vegas TPO lawyer today.

Las Vegas lawyer defending against protective orders

A TPO is often necessary to maintain someone’s safety. There are instances, however, where someone will fabricate a story to request a protective order. People sometimes file frivolous TPO requests in cases involving divorce, child custody, child relocation, and paternity in attempt to improve their case. Kari has experience dealing with these types of claims and knows what facts the Court will need to see in order to have the TPO dismissed. If you are involved in a family law matter and someone has filed a frivolous TPO then contact us online or by telephone at 702.966.8315.