Man holding child and phoneThis is the first post in a new series I am beginning that will address tips on how a Las Vegas parent with weekend visitation can ensure their time with the children goes smoothly. I am beginning this series because many parents can become nervous or anxious when it comes to “making the most” out of the time they have available with their children. Parents often fear that they must “make-up” for not seeing their children more by spoiling them, or making weekend visitation feel like a trip to Disneyland every time. In this series, I will attempt to provide sustainable tips to using your weekend visitation for the purpose of sustaining and growing your bond with your children.

In the next several posts I will be touching on a number of specific topics that will include:

  • How to take your child’s age into consideration when planning activities
  • The importance of sticking to a regular visitation schedule
  • Maintaining consistency when it comes to household rules and your child’s normal schedule
  • Planning structured activities- and when it is necessary to communicate your plans with your ex

Weekend visitation can be a point of contention between parents when expectations are not clear. Problems can quickly arise if two parents have different views on parenting style, what is appropriate, and what is expected during these visitations. By following some basic guidelines and agreeing to certain “rules” upfront, parents can often avoid arguments that lead them unnecessarily back into a Family Court room. It is my hope that with this series, parents who are only able to see their children on the weekends will be able to foster a healthy relationship with their kids, and will be able to make visitation a positive experience.

If you live in the Las Vegas area and have a conflict with your ex over visitation issues, these issues can often be settled out of Court. For more information, contact our office today for a consultation.