Father and childIt is no secret that children love summertime. The warm weather, break from school, and child friendly activities are often looked forward to all year long by kids in Nevada. However for families that share custody, summertime often also means extended visitation with the parent who does not have primary physical custody. This frequently leads to common issues that must be dealt with immediately. In my latest series, I will be discussing the variety of child visitation issues that are commonly dealt with by Las Vegas parents during the summer months.

Summer break creates additional challenges for Las Vegas parents who share custody

For any parent who has been involved in a messy custody dispute, changes to the normal routine can cause anxiety. When children are on vacation from school, the courts will often reward an extended visitation to the parent who does not have primary physical custody. While this is meant to provide additional bonding time for the parent and child, it is not uncommon for unforeseen problems to arise. Over the course of my next few posts I will be discussing issues that I have frequently seen come up in the Clark County Courts including:

  • Interstate child visitation
  • What to do if your child refuses to participate in the summer visitation plan
  • How custody can be impacted if your child breaks the law during visitation
  • Questions regarding where the child will attend school during the following year
  • Requirements of returning a child after interstate visitation

These issues are particularly common when one parent has moved away from or to Las Vegas following a divorce. As a transient town, it is common to see children travel to Nevada to visit a parent during the summertime, or have to travel outside of the state. It is also typical to see one parent move outside of a school zone over the summer, creating new questions regarding who should retain custody. As children grow older and wish to spend time with their friends over the summer, it is not uncommon for a teenager to begin to rebel against their visitation plans. And finally, as a large number of our Las Vegas residents work night time shifts, it is often difficult to provide adequate supervision for children during the summer- sometimes resulting in the child getting into trouble with the law.

When custody problems arise in the summer it is important to contact a Las Vegas family lawyer immediately

Summer only lasts three short months, so if an unforeseen issue comes up with the visitation schedule it is important to consult with your attorney immediately. Issues such as where the child will go to school during the next year, or a parent not complying with summer visitation orders are time sensitive. If you wait until mid-summer to file a complaint, then you may be too late to do anything about your concerns. If your child is to travel to the state of Nevada or is traveling outside of Nevada, travel plans need to be arranged as far in advance as possible. Every moment you spend with your child is important, and waiting to take formal action can cost you the visitation time you deserve. If you have been having child custody issues contact our office today and speak with an attorney to learn about your options.