Looking at calendar This is the next post in my series providing tips for non-custodial Las Vegas parents who have weekend visitation custody with their children. My last post explained why it is important to keep up a child’s normal schedule and rules during a weekend at the non-custodial parent’s home. In this article I will be explaining when it is a good idea to run one’s plans by the other parent before a weekend visit.

Las Vegas parents with primary custody may have valuable advice for a parent planning a long activity

While planning activities with your children is a great way to build lasting memories it can also be a lot of work and require a great deal of planning. If you clue your child’s other parent into your plans then they may be able to provide valuable advice for how to make the weekend run smoothly. For example your ex may be privy to what snacks to pack, what forms of entertainment will keep the kids quiet during a car ride, if anyone gets motion sickness, if your children require a nap during a certain hour of the day, or any additional clothing that you may need to pack. Your ex may also be able to provide you with any new information that you may need to know for the weekend. Such information may include whether one of your kids has been feeling under the weather or if your teenager has decided to become vegetarian overnight. Children’s needs and preferences have a way of changing quickly so if you can check in with their other parent before an activity you may be able to avoid any unforeseen challenges.

When doing a physical activity or going outside of your city have emergency contact information ready

If you are planning on doing anything with your children that is out of the ordinary- such as going on a day trip, or participating in a physical activity, then it is a good idea to have emergency contact information ready. While nobody plans on having an issue it is always better to be prepared. If you are going out of town then let your children’s parent know so that they can keep their phone on in the event of an emergency. Your child’s parent can also help remind you of any medical needs your child has, such as allergies, sunscreen, medications, etc. Your children cannot be relied on to remind you of any medical needs so checking in with the custodial parent is always a good idea.

Weekend visitations always go smoothly if two parents can get along and effectively co-parent. While it is not always easy, as a Las Vegas child custody lawyer, I always encourage parents to put their differences aside and their children first.