Las Vegas Parental Rights Attorney

No matter is taken as seriously as the termination of parental rights. Whether you are a parent seeking a termination of rights, or a parent seeking to protect your parental rights from termination, you must understand that the Court will strictly follow all procedures in such a matter. Contact our office today if you are a Las Vegas resident involved on either side of a parental rights termination case.

Las Vegas parental rights attorney

The termination of parental rights can occur in Las Vegas under extreme circumstances. These usually include instances of child abandonment, extreme child abuse, or other issues showing a parent to be highly unfit to care for a child. Unlike a guardianship, which temporarily strips a parent of child custody, the termination of parental rights permanently extinguishes the relationship between parent and child. This is not a decision that the Court will take lightly and the parent seeking to terminate the other’s custodial rights must show a compelling case for the termination.

Our office has handled numerous matters on both sides of this issue. Las Vegas family law attorney Kari Molnar has began practicing family law in 2005 and focuses her practice on domestic relations litigation. She is highly familiar with the processes involved in a parental rights termination and will take the steps necessary to build and present a strong case on behalf of her client. Kari is in regular contact with her clients to ensure that they are aware of where their case is in the process and what their next step will be. Contact Kari today to schedule your initial consultation.

Consensual parental rights termination in Nevada

Not all parental rights terminations are contested. It is not uncommon for a parent to consent to the termination of parental rights in Nevada so the other parent’s new significant other can engage in a consensual adoption of the child or children. This agreed upon process can take place quickly. In such a circumstance, the initial court documents can typically be filed within one to two days of the time Kari is retained. Shortly thereafter, a brief court hearing will be held so the Court can finalize the case. Kari can make the process of a consensual parental termination straightforward. Contact our office today at 702.966.8315.