Las Vegas Parental Abduction Attorney

The thought of child abduction is horrifying to a parent. Sometimes this takes the form of another parent not returning the child when he or she is required to. In this situation the Court can take action to have the child returned immediately. Contact our office if you are in this situation.

Las Vegas attorney dealing with parental concealment of children

You are no doubt frustrated if your child has not been returned by his or her other parent. In these situations, the police typically will not get involved unless the Court orders them to do so. The first step in this situation is to request that the Court issue an Order commanding the return of the child. The Court will typically rule on these requests quickly. Once the Court rules you will be able to enlist law enforcement to have your children returned. The Court will typically hold a subsequent hearing to determine if the offending parent should be held in contempt of Court for forcing you to go through this process. If held in contempt, the other parent may force jail time and may be required to pay your legal fees.

Las Vegas family law attorney Kari Molnar is experienced in parental abduction matters. She will have your request for the child’s return filed immediately. She will be in regular contact with you so that you understand the stage of the process your case is at. Kari handles all matters in the office personally so you can rest assured that your child’s safety and well-being will be in the hands of your attorney and not a paralegal or staff member. This is a stressful situation and we are here to help. Contact our office today at 702.966.8315.

Legal ramifications of Nevada parents concealing a child

There are a number of things to consider once your child is returned to you. Parental abduction can be grounds to change child custody in Nevada. Also, sometimes child abduction happens in the context of larger problems and, if necessary, Kari can assist you with obtaining a temporary restraining order from the Clark County Family Court. If are in this stressful situation then time is of the essence. Your parental abduction case will be given extreme priority by our office. Contact us today.