Military family in the parkThis is the first post in a series I will be writing to address issues that military families should be aware of when going through a divorce or child custody issue. I am writing this series because the Nellis Air Force Base is the home of thousands of men and women and their families. As with other families Air Force members experience relationship difficulties and, unfortunately, sometimes find the need for their family to separate. While Nevada’s family law is not different for those in the military, those who serve our country often find that they have unique issues that civilians do not have to concern themselves with. It is my hope that I can clear up some of these concerns with this series.

Throughout this series I will be providing a detailed explanation regarding issues that affect our military members the most while going through a divorce. Topics I will be writing on include:

  • How one’s divorce is affected if one spouse is deployed during the process
  • How the Court deals with relocation issues when a military member is transferred or a civilian spouse wishes to move
  • Designating a caretaker for your children while deployed when a parent has primary custody
  • How one’s pension is divided in a military divorce
  • How child support is calculated for military members

Serving as part of our military is a high pressured job that comes with a lot of stress. Going through a breakdown of one’s family and contentious family law case is often the last thing a person needs. Servicemen or women often worry that their civilian spouse will leave with their children while they are deployed or obligated to continue living on their stationed military base. Others worry that their military career will automatically put them at a disadvantage when it comes to winning equal custodial time with their children. Others still worry that their spouse will take an unfair portion of their pension, or make trouble for them with their commanding officer.

Kari Molnar frequently works with military members from Nellis Air Force base and is able to answer any questions you may have regarding how your divorce or child custody case may impact your career. Contact her office today for a consultation.