Las Vegas Guardianship Attorney

There are unfortunate times when parents are simply unable to care for their children. These may be instances where a parent is having legal problems or issues with substance abuse. When a parent cannot meet the needs of a child then Nevada’s legal process allows a non-parent to step in and receive guardianship over a child. The courts, however, do not grant guardianship lightly and if one is considering attempting to become a Las Vegas child’s guardian then they should contact a lawyer immediately.

Lawyer for contested Las Vegas guardianships

Contested guardianships often arise when a concerned party wishes to gain guardianship over a child due to parental neglect. If a parent is unable to meet the needs of the child then the first step is to file a Petition for Guardianship. The Court will hold a “Show Cause” hearing shortly after the Petition is filed and, at this hearing, the Court will decide whether a temporary guardianship should be issued and may set a future hearing to determine if a more permanent guardianship should be put in place.

If you wish to obtain or dispute a guardianship then you should contact an attorney immediately. The Molnar Family Law Firm has handled numerous guardianship cases on both sides of the issue and is highly experienced in this area of law. Attorney Kari Molnar understands what the Court will and will not be looking for in such matters. Guardianship is something the Court takes very seriously as it involves placing a child in the care of a non-parent. If you are a party seeking guardianship or a parent contesting a guardianship then it is imperative that you present the best case possible to the Court. Contact Kari online or at 702.966.8315 to schedule your initial consultation.

Attorney for consensual Las Vegas guardianships

There are many instances where a parent may consent to guardianship of a child. A parent needing to leave town for an extended period of time may need to leave his or her child in someone’s care. An illness may cause one to place his or her child in another’s custody for a period of time. These are just two of many examples in which a consensual guardianship can give a non-parent the authority to care for a child. Such a guardianship will allow the new parent to enroll the child in school, to obtain medical care for the child, and to engage in other responsibilities of caring for the child. Consensual guardianships can typically be handled quickly.

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