Las Vegas Family Law Mediation

The family law process is both expensive and stressful. Many people wish to handle their divorce or child custody case without involving the Courts. Las Vegas family law attorney Kari Molnar serves as a private mediator for parties who wish to avoid the overall legal process. Mediating your family law case will save you time, money, and aggravation. Kari has practiced family law since 2005 and is well experienced in the types of issues that typically prevent people from being able to reach an agreement. At mediation she will be able to provide insight and possible solutions that you have not thought of so that you may get your case resolved.

Las Vegas divorce mediation

Divorce is an expensive and time consuming process. Divorces in Nevada can take months or even years. It is also not uncommon for parties to go deep in debt or to spend their life savings just so they may pay their legal bills. Las Vegas divorce mediator Kari Molnar has resolved numerous cases on behalf of Nevada residents and in doing so has saved them many headaches. If you believe that your case can be resolved through mediated then contact Kari Molnar online or at 702.966.8315.

Divorce mediation is a fair and impartial process. Quite often spouses think they will not be able to work their differences when, in fact, once they sit down with an impartial party then an agreement becomes possible. People are often surprised at how effective mediation can be in working out disputes in a divorce case. The process can be used to resolve all issues including community property division, spousal support, and even child custody if a married couple has children.  Contact us today to schedule your mediation. Please by advised that when contacting us for scheduling we will not be able to meet with the parties individually as the process requires us to meet with all parties simultaneously.

Las Vegas child custody mediation

Mediation can also be appropriate in child custody cases where the parties are not married. Mediating a child custody dispute is not only good for your but it is also good for your child. Reaching a resolution outside of Court saves both you and your child the months of heartache that can occur during a child custody dispute, including the stress your child will feel if he or she has to be involved in the court proceedings. Matters that can be resolved in mediation include child custody, child support, child relocation, and visitation.

Nothing is more important than one’s children. Kari is a parent herself and understands this fact. The sooner you come to mediation then the sooner you are likely to put the current situation behind you. Contact our office today.