Lonely spouseThis is the first post in a series I am writing to address Las Vegas spouses who require a divorce but whose partner is not present. I am writing this series because when a spouse has been abandoned or left alone they may feel as if they are living in limbo with no options. It is possible to divorce a partner who is not physically present, but there can be complications. With this series I hope to address questions that come up in such situations.

Topics that I will address during the course of this series include:

  • Obtaining a divorce and filing for child support when one’s spouse has abandoned the family and whose location is unknown
  • Filing for divorce when one’s partner is out of the country
  • What a military spouse needs to know about filing for divorce when one’s spouse is deployed
  • Issues that can arise if one’s spouse has been deported or returned to their home country
  • Options for a spouse whose partner is medically incapacitated, who wishes to move on
  • Issues that can arise if a couple has established residences in multiple states

I am writing this series in order to address issues that, while often unexpected, do happen. In writing this series I hope to shed light on topics that are not talked about very often,and to help make the people who are a part of these groups feel less alone. When one is abandoned, or feels abandoned, by their spouse they often are embarrassed and feel as if they have no one to talk to.

If you are a spouse and wish to proceed with a divorce, but your spouse is not in the state, you have options. Contact a Las Vegas family law attorney today to discuss the specifics of your situation with a lawyer. Call today.