Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer

No one gets married with the belief that it may not last. Getting divorced can be one of the most disappointing experiences there is. Divorce represents the end of one stage of your life and the beginning of another. It is important that you begin the next stage of your life in a good position and on your feet. Las Vegas divorce attorney Kari Molnar exclusively practices in the area of family law and has done so since 2005. Kari will protect your interests at each step of the process and ensure that you start the next phase of your life in the best place possible.

Effective divorce representation for Las Vegas residents

There are many facts to consider in a divorce case. You may have child custody issues to resolve. There are also often disputes over division of community property or spousal support. There may also be issues as to whether a prenuptial agreement is valid and, in some instances, one party may be requesting a temporary protective order. Kari is experienced in all of these areas. She will start your case off on the right foot and will ensure that your affairs are being handled properly each step of the way. Kari keeps in contact with her clients regularly and does not leave them to wonder what the status of their case is. Contact us online or at 702.966.8315.

A Nevada divorce is begun by the filing of a complaint. This is a short formal document which spells out what one desires from the case. Shortly after the complaint is filed, our office will file a request with the Court for temporary arrangements. This allows the Court to issue a temporary solution regarding child custody, child support, marital property, spousal support, etc. Having a temporary order in place will give your life a feeling of normalcy you would not have otherwise. Kari will then begin building your case by identifying and obtaining the information needed to place you in the best position possible. Making sure you begin your new life in the best place possible is our priority.

Effective Las Vegas divorce attorney

Kari personally oversees all matters at the Molnar Family Law Office. This allows her to always be up to speed as to the status of your case as well and to always know what the next step is. Contrary to what you see on television, a court case is not won be someone pulling out a piece of unknown evidence. A good outcome to your situation requires the attorney to be proactive at every step of the process and to be building your case from beginning to end. This is what Kari does.

The Molnar Family Law Firm is located in Henderson, Nevada and we service the greater Las Vegas area. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.