Las Vegas Community Property Lawyer

Nevada is a community property state. This means that any property or debt acquired during the marriage is going to be considered that of both the husband and the wife. There are certain exceptions to this law however. Community property is often a contested part of Las Vegas divorces.

Las Vegas marital property division lawyer

People going through a divorce are often surprised to find out how Nevada community property laws work. If property or debt is acquired during the marriage then it will be considered “community.” It does not matter if the property or debt is only in the name of one spouse or if the Parties are living apart when it was acquired as it will still belong to the community. Gifts and inherited property typically do not belong to the community but they can become community property if they are “co-mingled.” There are other exceptions to Nevada’s community property laws and these exceptions make marital property a complicated issue. Hiring a Las Vegas divorce attorney with extensive experience in community property law can make the difference in your case. Your financial future may hinge on the division of assets and you should not trust your future to an inexperienced lawyer. Contact our office today.

Kari Molnar has extensive experience in dealing with property division. Immediately upon taking your case she will begin to determine what assets will be in dispute as well as which assets and debts should be considered separate. She will make full use of the legal procedures which allow her to determine if the other party is hiding assets or if the other party has needlessly wasted community property. These efforts may lead to finding assets you did not know existed or helping stay free of debt that should not be yours.

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Far too many Las Vegas residents just assume that they are not entitled to certain property or that they should be fully responsible for certain debts. Many of Kari’s clients are surprised to learn that they may complete their divorce case in much better financial position than they originally thought. It is important that you contact a divorce attorney today to determine your property rights. Failing to get good advice now, before your divorce is completed, may lead to you being in a worse financial position than necessary later. Furthermore, many are surprised to find out that community property division can impact the Court’s decision on how much a spousal support award should be or if alimony will be awarded at all. Contact us online or at 702.966.8315 to schedule your initial consultation.