Las Vegas Child Relocation Lawyer

Few things invoke as many emotions as a child relocation case. The idea of having to move without your child, or your child moving away with another parent creates incredible stress and anxiety. Our child relocation lawyer is experienced in these matters and is prepared to assist you whether you are relocating or attempting to prevent your child from leaving the state.

Experienced child relocation attorney in Las Vegas

How Nevada handles a child relocation case varies depending on your current child custody arrangement. The Court has two different legal tests for a parent wishing to move. One test will be used by the Court if a parent relocating already has primary physical custody of the child and a second test will be used if the parents currently have joint child custody. If one parent has primary custody and wishes to relocate than the Court will apply what is known as the Schwartz test which, for the most part, bases a relocation on the suitability of the parent wishing to move. If the parents have joint custody, on the other hand, the Court will apply the Potter test which considers the suitability of both parents equally. Generally it will be easier for a parent to relocate if he or she currently has primary custody of the child.

Las Vegas child relocation attorney Kari Molnar has handled many cases related to children leaving the state. Kari understands the different legal standards and has successfully argued for and against children leaving the state. When you retain Kari she will typically have your initial documents filed with the Court within one to two days. From that point the next step is to ask for permission to temporarily relocate pending the Court’s making a permanent decision. Kari has been successful in both requesting and opposing these temporary relocations. She will then take the steps necessary to build your case for trial so that you present the best facts possible to the Judge. Your child relocating outside of Nevada is far too important of an issue to hire just any attorney. You need a lawyer with experience. Contact our office online or at 702.966.8315 to schedule your initial consultation.

Moving children outside of Nevada

Your children are the most important part of your life. If they may be moving outside of Nevada then you should obtain legal assistance immediately. Kari has been practicing family law since 2005. She will be handling your matter personally when you hire the Molnar Family Law Firm as our firm believes you should deal with your attorney and not a staff member. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.