Las Vegas Annulment Lawyer

There are instances where an annulment is preferable to divorce. The benefit of an annulment is that your marriage is legally considered to have never happened. Nevada allows for annulments in a limited set of circumstances. These circumstances can be difficult to prove. If you wish for an annulment then contact Las Vegas annulment attorney Kari Molnar today.

Nevada annulment law is complex

Nevada will allow you to annul a marriage in cases involving fraud, duress, lack of capacity, and in other limited circumstances. You may file for an annulment in Las Vegas if you were married in the city even if neither you or your spouse live here. If neither of you live in Las Vegas, and you were not married here, then you may file for a Nevada annulment once one of you has resided in the state for at least six weeks. The first step in the case will be to file a Complaint for Annulment. A “Case Management Conference” will be held by the Court shortly thereafter. At this conference, the Court will set your trial date and determine important case deadlines.

Kari Molnar is a Nevada annulment lawyer servicing the Las Vegas area. Kari has extensive experience in annulment matters and knows how to deal with the limited circumstances in which you can gain an annulment rather than a divorce. The circumstances under which the Court will grant an annulment are more limited than they sound. If, for example, you are requesting an annulment based on fraud then it is not enough to simply show that your spouse lied about something at some point. You must show that a specific type of fraud within a certain time frame. These same types of limitations also apply to the other grounds on which you can ask for annulment.

Las Vegas annulment attorney who understands the issues

Kari has the knowledge and experience to help you prove your case for annulment. When you retain Kari your initial court documents will typically be filed within 24-28 hours. She will then immediately begin building your case by identifying the relevant facts and evidence to use for trial. Kari’s experience allows her to know what to look for in an annulment case whether your marriage occurred due to immigration fraud, lack of capacity in the form of intoxication, or other circumstances. Don’t settle for a divorce if it is possible to make it as if the marriage never happened at all. Call 702.966.8315 to schedule your initial consultation.