Las Vegas Alimony Attorney

Divorce means that you are worried about your financial future. Spousal support is a likely a part of this concern. You may be worried that you either will not receive spousal support or that you may have to pay an excessive amount. Kari Molnar and the Molnar Family Law Firm practices exclusively in the area of family law and understands Nevada’s alimony system. We work to ensure that your case ends in a fair way that puts you in the best position possible to begin your new life.

Aggressive Representation in Las Vegas, Nevada Spousal Support Cases

Nevada’s spousal support laws are centered around fairness. The issue of alimony arises in most Las Vegas, Nevada divorce cases. In determining the amount of support to be paid, the Court will consider a variety of factors. The things the Court will look at include:

  • The length of your marriage
  • Whether child support is being paid
  • The job skills of the two spouses
  • The career of each spouse before the marriage
  • Whether any specialized training was acquired by a spouse during the marriage

Spousal support occurs in two stages. The Court will typically rule that temporary spousal support must be paid while your case is being completed. Upon completion of your divorce, the Court will enter an Order setting support thereafter. Nevada does not issue support as a permanent solution. While not a rule, alimony in Nevada is typically issued for half the length of your marriage.

Las Vegas Lawyer Handling Alimony Modifications

Nevada spousal support is typically not set in stone once a divorce has ended. If either spouse has an increase or decrease in income, after the divorce has been completed, then the Court may review the amount of support being paid and adjust it upwards or downwards. This can include ordering support to be paid when none was being paid previously or, in some cases, eliminating support that was ordered in the divorce. Contact our office today if you require the services of a Las Vegas alimony attorney.