Man in courtroomThis is the next post in my series on Temporary Protective Orders in Las Vegas. My last post dealt with attendance of the Clark County Family Court hearing for TPO. Once you have been granted a TPO it is important to understand your own responsibilities as well as how to utilize the order. In this post I will be discussing what happens once the Protective Order is issued. Understanding how to proceed after an Order of Protection has been issued can be critical to your safety.

The Clark County Constable will serve the Protective Order after it has been issued by the Court

The Opposing Party does not have to abide by the Protective Order until it has been served on the other party. Service is handled by the Clark County Constable. The Constable works quickly to get Orders served once they are issued by the Court. The Opposing Party is not allowed to contact you in any way, shape, or form after the Order has been issued. It is best if you keep a copy of the Order with you at all times in the event that there is an incident in public and you need to show it to the police.

If the other party tries to contact you then you should file a police report immediately. This is true regardless of if they email you, call you, or send you a text message. Again, they are not allowed to try to contact you in any way. The other party will also be in violation of the the Order if they try to contact you through a third-party. For example, if they have a friend call you or otherwise contact you then this is a violation of the Order. Depending on the nature of the violation, the police may arrest the Opposing Party.

If there is a violation of the Protective Order then it is important that you contact an attorney immediately. Violation of the Order can result in the Opposing Party being held in contempt of Court and may result in the Order being extended for a longer period of time and the Opposing Party being incarcerated. Las Vegas TPO attorneys understand how serious a TPO violation can be and will work quickly to file a contempt motion on your behalf.

It is important that you do not contact the other side after you receive a TPO from a Las Vegas Court

You received a TPO from the Judge because you were legitimately afraid for your safety. Las Vegas Courts will question the legitimacy of your concern if you contact the other side. Quite often, a TPO will be dissolved because the person who applied for the Order of Protection engages in contact with the Opposing Party. The only circumstances in which a TPO Court will consider contact between the two parties to be acceptable will be those spelled out in the Order. If you have questions on how to proceed after your TPO is issued then contact a lawyer immediately.