Frightened womanLas Vegas residents often find themselves not knowing what to do when they are terrified of another person who won’t leave them alone. It is not uncommon for a person to be continually harassed or threatened during a child custody dispute, or following the end of a relationship.  Filing a TPO (Temporary Protective Order) is how one deals with this situation in Clark County, Nevada.

This series is going to provide information on a number of topics regarding a TPO. These topics will include:

  • How to file a TPO
  • How to ensure children are protected on a TPO
  • What will happen at a TPO hearing
  • What happens once the TPO is deemed enforceable
  • How to handle any violations of the TPO
  • One’s responsibility once the TPO is filed

While it is advisable you hire an attorney to handle your TPO, it is also common for people to file such matters themselves.

Determining whether filing for a Las Vegas TPO is appropriate

Temporary Protection Orders can be filed by anyone over the age of eighteen. In a domestic situation, the applicant would file for a TPO at the Las Vegas Family Courthouse. For all other reasons the applicant can file at The Regional Justice Center.

There are many reasons a person might file for a TPO. One of the main reasons a person may file a TPO is that they are in a situation involving domestic violence. Other reasons may involve abuse of the children, stalking or harassment, being a victim of sexual assault, or literally fearing loss of life. If you are requesting a protective order then it is your burden to show there is substantial evidence that the adverse party is a significant danger to you or your children. In my upcoming posts I will discuss the information the court is looking for in depth. It is unbearable to live in constant fear for the safety of your children or yourself. Filing for a TPO can help ease your mind and give the police the authority to force the adverse party to leave you alone.

Why you should not wait to file for a Las Vegas protective order if you are afraid for your safety

It is understandable to feel frozen by fear. However, the longer you wait to file, the less likely a Las Vegas Court is to believe that you’re actually afraid. If the Court doubts your sincerity, they may be less likely to grant your TPO. It is best to act swiftly in this situation in order to obtain the TPO and ensure your safety. For assistance, please contact our office today.