Medical marijuana bottleThis is my first post in my “medical marijuana and child custody” series.  This post provides a general overview of the topics I will discuss in this series. Some of discussions will include how the Clark County Family Courts view medical marijuana prescriptions and how such prescriptions will impact child custody and how to proceed if the other parent is abusing a medical marijuana prescription.

Why a discussion of medical marijuana laws is timely for parents engaging in Las Vegas, Nevada child custody disputes

Medical marijuana laws went into effect on October 1, 2001. As of April 1, 2014, medical marijuana dispensaries will be opening up throughout the state of Nevada. Although it will now be legal to have marijuana dispensaries, and it is already legal for Las Vegans with a medical marijuana card to grow their own plants, there have been some delays in getting larger scale distribution of the drug started. Legislative officials still had to set up and begin the licensing process for dispensaries of medical marijuana.  Despite the delays, the dispensaries will soon be appearing in Las Vegas and many parents will want to make use of the drug as an issue in child custody cases.

Las Vegas parents will need to understand that medical marijuana use will be viewed differently from normal drug use in child custody disputes

If a person is looking to gain access to a medical marijuana card in order to use marijuana for recreational use, you can expect it to affect your child custody case. Marijuana can affect your cognitive abilities and will be monitored closely. The Court’s are there to look out for your child’s best interest. If they suspect you are abusing your medical marijuana prescription, they may order periodic drug testing or limit your visitation privileges until you complete a drug program. My upcoming posts will discuss this point in more detail, as well as what to do if you suspect the other parent may be abusing their marijuana prescription. We are here to address any questions and concerns regarding your child custody case, please contact our office today.