Child holding father's armThis is my first post in my “How to Handle Parental Abduction” series. Parental abduction is a more common experience than one would believe. Often times, when a family dissolves, people start to take matters into their own hands. In this article I am going to discuss the wrong way and the right way to react when your child’s other parent fails to return the child.

Understanding what constitutes parental kidnapping in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada is a state that presumes parents should share joint custody of their children. This means that if you are a Las Vegas parent, and you do not have a child custody order, then the law assumes that each parent has an equal right to be in custody of the child or children. If you do not have a custody order, and the other parent is refusing to give you the child, then he or she cannot be compelled to do so. If you have a custody order, however, and a parent is keeping the child in violation of it, then that parent may be committing parental kidnapping.

If your child’s other parent has committed parental kidnapping then it is important that you do not take the law into your own hands. Nevada allows for a process for you to regain custody with the assistance of law enforcement.

A discussion of how to regain custody of your child if parental kidnapping has occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a process that can have a child returned in some circumstances on the same day.  In my following posts I will discuss some of the options you can explore in order to have your children returned to you legally and safely. Also, I provide an overview of the topic in the following video:

Topics we will discuss in this series:

  • When you may be permitted to file for a pick up order
  • The process of obtaining a pick up order
  • What to do once you’ve received a pick up order
  • What happens after you’ve picked up the child

If your child has been the victim of parental kidnapping then it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately.