Two young girlsThis is the last post in my series discussing how a Las Vegas parent may request a change of custody if one parent has not been following the current custody order. While this is a broad topic and applies to a number of situations, I have attempted to provide posts that will be applicable to a number of families.

My first post touched on the most extreme of situations, which is when a custody dispute becomes parental abduction. Most cases that require an order to return a child to the custodial parent do not reach the level of a criminal case. My second post explained the difference between a parental abduction and a civil dispute. It is important to emphasize that if your child has been abducted or is ever in danger while in care of a parent, it is important to contact the police immediately. My third post provided greater detail as to what situations may require an order to return a child, but do not constitute a full blown emergency.

My latter posts dealt with the Court proceedings. I discussed when a Judge is likely to grant a change of custody request, and gave specific examples as to reasons a Judge may do so. I also wrote a post on what a parent can expect from the custody trial process, from discovery to the actual day or Court.

Throughout this series I have emphasized that it is important to consult with your attorney if the other parent is not abiding by the current custodial order. The longer a parent let’s bad behavior slide, or chooses to not take advantage of their custodial rights, the less action a Judge is inclined to take. If you are a Las Vegas parent and are struggling to get your child’s mother or father to abide by the custody order, do not wait to see if the situation will improve. Contact our family law attorney today for a consultation.