father pushing daughter in boxThis is the final post in a series of articles discussing the consequences of not following a custody order in Las Vegas, Nevada. Custody orders, like other orders issued by courts of law, are binding on the individuals to whom they apply. Failing to comply with an order of the court can have serious consequences. In the context of custody orders, one’s parental rights may be negatively impacted for non-compliance. The goal of this series has been to provide information about the potential negative outcomes that may result from violations of a custody order. Another goal has been to encourage those involved in a custody dispute to contact an experienced family attorney to represent your interests through the process. If you need assistance, contact my office today to speak with a child custody lawyer.

This series focused on the following topics:

Ignoring or refusing to comply with a custody order issued by the Clark County Family Court is problematic for Las Vegas parents for a variety of reasons. First, for obvious reasons, judges do not look favorably upon individuals who fail to comply with their explicit orders. In child custody issues, the ramifications of non-compliance can be viewed as acting against your child’s best interest. Second, the court may modify a custody arrangement if a parent’s violations of an order are extreme or or occur repeatedly. Third, failing to follow a custody order may have implications on future legal proceedings. If a parent wishes to relocate out of Nevada, for instance, a history of non-compliance may result in the court’s denial of such request. Finally, a person violating a written order of the court may also be held in contempt of court, which may result in fines or jail time.

Whether you are enforcing an existing order against your co-parent or you believe your order should be revised, my office can advise you on your options. In either case, complying with the current order is important to protecting parental rights. I represent Las Vegas parents in a variety of family law matters, including child custody disputes. If you need assistance, contact my office to speak with a lawyer.