Man holding child and cell phoneThis is the final post in my series discussing what a Las Vegas parent should know if CPS contacts them regarding an allegation of child abuse or neglect. I began this series because, for obvious reasons, many parents panic if contacted by CPS and do not know what to do. It was my intention throughout this series to walk parents, step by step, through the investigation process, and the reunification process, should the case get to that point. While not all CPS contact requires an attorney it was important for me to explain every step of the process in detail so that parents may make an informed decision regarding whether or not they need legal representation.

Articles I wrote over the course of this series include:

If Child Protective Services contacts you or your family then the most important thing to do is stay calm and do not act antagonistic towards the social worker who is sent to investigate the case. If a parent refuses to allow their children to be interviewed, refuses to allow a social worker into the home, argues with or threatens the social worker anyway, or instructs their children to lie to the social worker, it can ultimately impact their case in the negative direction. It is important to document when a social worker has been to one’s home, request copies of all documents and reports, and contact an attorney for legal counsel if necessary. If your children are in danger of being wrongfully taken from your home it is understandable for a parent to be upset. However, if one acts out emotionally,it can potentially harm their case further. If you require a consultation then call my family law office immediately and schedule an appointment.