Moving truckThis is the final post in my series on how to navigate the child relocation process in Nevada. Throughout this series I have explained what information parents need to be aware of if they share custody of a child and wish to move outside of the state. During this series, I have provided more information on every part of the process, including:

Whether you are a parent attempting to gain permission to move your child outside of the state, or a parent attempting to block a move, it is important to understand how the process works. Clark County Family Court Judges are concerned with two primary questions when deciding whether or not to allow a relocation. First, they are concerned with whether and how a move will benefit the child. Second, the Court considers whether the move would hinder the other parent from having a meaningful role in the child’s life. Whether you are filing the request, or attempting to have it blocked, it is important that you can assist your attorney in intelligently answering both questions in a way that will satisfy the Court.

Child relocation cases are difficult in the sense that both parents often have a reasonable argument to support their wishes. Our office works with Las Vegas parents to ensure that all questions and information a Judge may need to make an informed decision is available. We pride ourselves in preparing parents for Court, so that they are not surprised or confused by any step in the process. If you are planning to move outside of Nevada, or are attempting to prevent your child from leaving the state, it is important to hire a child relocation lawyer as soon as possible to get your case started out on the right foot. Contact our office today to set up an initial consultation.