Judge on the benchThis is the next post in a series of articles discussing child relocation requests based on the need for urgent reemployment outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. My previous post discussed how a parent may defend against their co-parent’s request to move out of state. The Clark County Family Court will evaluate whether or not relocation is in the child’s best interest. To challenge such a request, a parent must demonstrate that remaining at home will be better for the child than relocating out of state. When a parent’s need to move is urgent, the expedited process may impact the case in a variety of ways. In this article, I will discuss relocation requests based on non-immediate employment reasons. If you need assistance with a relocation matter, contact my office today to speak to an attorney.

Parents consider relocating for a variety of reasons, including accepting a higher paying job or exploring better job opportunities. Whether due to an economic downturn or as part of one’s professional development, moving outside of the state with a child subject to a custody agreement will require the court’s approval. Earlier in this series, I wrote about making expedited relocation requests when the need for reemployment is urgent. With little time to prepare, it can be difficult to gather the necessary details to share with the court. When the need is not immediate, however, advanced preparation and a fully formed relocation plan will be essential to one’s success. As with other custody matters, the court will be most concerned with what is in the best interest of the child. It is imperative to present as much evidence as possible about how the move will be beneficial.

When employment is the motivation behind a move, the requesting parent should present as much information about the new job as possible, including sharing the job offer, salary, insurance, and other benefits. Short of having a concrete job offer, one should provide information about the job market in the new location, potential opportunities, pending applications, or employment connections. Demonstrating that the job offer or market represents an improvement over the current Nevada job environment will be an important factor. The relocation plan should include detailed information about living arrangements, school districts, extracurricular opportunities, and specific benefits available in the new community. The court will be particularly interested in how the move will impact the child’s relationship with the other parent. The moving parent should propose a realistic visitation schedule, which may include physical visitation, digital options, and phone calls to preserve the other parent’s access to the child. The court will view previous compliance with the existing custody and visitation arrangement as an indicator of a parent’s willingness to stick to a long-distance visitation plan. These factors will differ from family to family and should also include any extenuating circumstances.

Accepting a new job can be an exciting opportunity. When a child is involved in the relocation, it can be nerve-wracking to consider how the move will impact one’s family. With the proper advanced planning, one can successfully navigate the legal relocation request process. If you need assistance with a custody matter, contact my office to speak with a Las Vegas attorney today.